Judge of LoveWeddings in Destin, FL, and New Orleans, LA, by Judge KK Norman
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Welcome From The Judge of Love

Before retiring to Destin, Florida, in 2013, Judge Mary “KK” Norman presided over the Second City Court of New Orleans for two decades.  In addition to presiding over her busy docket of civil cases, Judge Norman was the most prolific wedding officiant in the Louisiana Judiciary and one of the busiest marrying judges in the entire United States.  Judge Norman has married more couples in the last twenty years than she can count.  She has married couples from nearly every state in the United States and from dozens of countries around the world.

Known for her intimate and fun wedding ceremonies, Judge Norman was nicknamed "The Judge of Love" by the national media.  It is a moniker that Judge Norman wears proudly to this day and one that she works hard to earn again and again with each wedding she performs.

Before retirement, Judge Norman was known for putting aside her entire docket of cases every February 14th for "A Day of Love and Marriage".  Judge Norman's Valentine's Day weddings are legendary and people still come from all over the world to be married by The Judge of Love on that very special day!

Today, Judge Norman splits her time between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Destin, Florida and she regularly performs marriage ceremonies for lucky brides and grooms in both great cities.  Prices are reasonable and Judge Norman's ceremonies can be tailored to fit any couple, at any time, and any venue.  Judge Norman is always happy to give her special brides the benefit of her years of experience, but she always puts the brides first!  It is YOUR DAY and you should always get what YOU WANT!